About AFL

Who are we?

We are people like you. People who see need in the world and want to get up and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. We’re feeding the hungry. We’re bringing water to the thirsty. We’re bringing hope to the hopeless. The question is… how are we influencing those around us to join our mission?

Ambassador Spotlight

Starting with her teachers at school, Emily shared the need for shoes and asked them to help be the solution. Using brochures and a DVD, Emily has presented LIFE’s Christmas Shoe Project to several churches during her summer break.

Ambassador Tools

AFL has many tools available to help you share LIFE with others. From bookmarks to wristbands to posters, we would love to help however we can! Find the need that connects close to your heart and let us know how we can help!

Life Outreach International

Dedicated to loving in both word and deed, programs sponsored by LIFE Outreach International have helped millions all over the world. Whether through television, evangelistic outreaches, LIFE Centers, Mission Feeding, water well digging, or disaster relief, countless people have experienced ministry wrapped in the love of Jesus Christ through these extraordinary programs.