About us

Who are we? We are a department of LIFE Outreach International with a goal to encourage, equip and assist friends just like you.  Friends who want to get involved and help provide hope in the form of water, food, shelter and shoes to people around the world.

Who are the Ambassadors for LIFE?  Ambassadors are people just like you who have chosen to use their time and effort to impact the world.  Ambassadors come from all ages and walks of life, from a 5-year-old collecting coins to a business owner sharing LIFE with employees. Ambassadors range from Sunday school classes to a retirement communities…there is no limit of age and ability when it comes to being an Ambassador and making an impact!

Ambassadors combine their own creative and unique ideas with some of our fundraising tools to reach out into their communities to raise awareness and funds for one of LIFE’s mission programs.  Ambassadors for LIFE can be included in already existing programs (like senior projects, school missions programs, or special events), or can stand alone as their own special event and fundraiser (like birthday parties, garage sales, lemonade stands, jewelry/craft sales and special performances).

We invite you to explore how you might become an Ambassador and make an impact; take a look at some of the stories of previous Ambassadors, as well as some of the tools we’ve created to make fundraising easier (like wristbands, change cups, and signage you can download to print immediately).

Around here we like to say “It only takes one L1FE to change a L1FE” …will you be the 1?

About the Tools

To help with your fundraiser for LIFE, we have developed several great tools like videos, posters, wristbands, change cups, and more. These tools are offered free to our partners who have signed up to help raise funds and awareness for our outreaches. If you would like to request a large amount of any item, we may request a donation to cover the items costs for our ministry.

How to Receive Tools

As you look through the tools, many of them have a link in their description with a link to download it instantly. Other items will require you to submit a request. Our team works weekday, 8am-5pm and will do our best to reply to your request promptly. If you have any questions or need anything, please contact us!

Thank you for partnering with LIFE! 

Ambassadors for LIFEimage_mission_feeding

Who are we? We are people like you. People who see need in the world and want to get up and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. The question is… how are we influencing those around us to join our mission? We’re feeding the hungry. We’re bringing water to the thirsty. We’re bringing hope to the hopeless.

For more information about Ambassadors for LIFE, please visit ambassadorsforlife.org