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Shoes Facebook Cover – Give Joy

About the Tools

To help with your fundraiser for LIFE, we have developed several great tools like videos, posters, wristbands, change cups, and more. These tools are offered free to our partners who have signed up to help raise funds and awareness for our outreaches. If you would like to request a large amount of any item, we may request a donation to cover the items costs for our ministry.

How to Receive Tools

As you look through the tools, many of them have a link in their description with a link to download it instantly. Other items will require you to submit a request. Our team works weekday, 8am-5pm and will do our best to reply to your request promptly. If you have any questions or need anything, please contact us!

Thank you for partnering with LIFE! 

Ambassadors for LIFEimage_mission_feeding

Who are we? We are people like you. People who see need in the world and want to get up and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. The question is… how are we influencing those around us to join our mission? We’re feeding the hungry. We’re bringing water to the thirsty. We’re bringing hope to the hopeless.

For more information about Ambassadors for LIFE, please visit

Water for LIFE Videos

Please feel free to share these videos with others to spread the message of LIFE. If you need to download a video, follow the link below the description, which will direct you to a website called Vimeo. Underneath the video on that website is a button that says “Download”. Videos should be kept in tact and used only for the intent of supporting LIFE’s outreaches. 

Grandpa Von

See how water has made all the difference for Grandpa Von and his family.

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Life Giving Water

Hear the message and hope Water for LIFE provides every day!

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Rosa’s Tears

Rosa lost her son to diseases from unclean water. Help us help others!

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Every day we can decide to help, or almost help… will you join us in providing Water for LIFE?

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Dauphine shares her heartbreaking story and how water could have made the difference.

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Bad Water Around the World

Clean water is a global need. Will you join Water for LIFE in helping share the need with others?

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