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The smallest things in life can make the biggest difference.

Sometimes while helping children survive another day by providing clean water, food for the hungry and shelter for the orphans, we lose sight of the little things in life that children are meant to enjoy… something as simple as a new pair of shoes!  When we provide shoes and tell them of God’s love, those shoes become not only a treasure, but an “every morning” reminder that God cares for them.

In the undeveloped nations and poverty-stricken regions where our outreaches are located, families and children simply cannot afford shoes. Their bare feet are subjected to infections that often lead to devastating consequences including crippled feet, disease and in rare cases death.

It costs $3.60 to manufacture and deliver each pair of shoes, making our project goal $720,000.

That means $36 will help provide 10 pairs of shoes, $72 will help provide 20 pairs and gifts of $144 will help provide 40 pairs of shoes.

You can imagine just how much new shoes would mean to a child who has never owned a pair! This year is our 7th year for LIFE’s Christmas Shoes Project, and we are already working heard to complete as many shipments as possible in time for the holidays.  For children who have never received anything new, who’ve never received a gift at Christmas, that will be a day of great joy!