Ambassador Spotlight

When 10 year old Emily Walker sets her mind on something, she becomes determined to see it through. After her first successful fundraising attempt last year to raise money for injured soldiers, Emily decided that this year she was going to partner with LIFE’s Christmas Shoe Project. With the help of her Grandma Jan, Emily got the resources she needed from our office and started telling people about the need for shoes before her summer break even began.

Starting with her teachers at school, Emily shared the need for shoes and offered them the opportunity to be part of a solution. Using brochures and a DVD Emily continued her fundraising into her summer break and has presented LIFE’s Christmas Shoe Project not only to her home church, but to other churches in their area. Thanks to Emily 500 children will get shoes for Christmas this year!

Kicks for Christ

Trey is twelve years old and gave his heart to the Lord when he was about six years old. Three years ago Trey’s mom read him a book and in it was a story about a boy who raised money by shooting basketball hoops. Trey was inspired and started “Kicks For Christ”. While travelling with his soccer team, he used the opportunity to ask for sponsors, and every time he scored they would give him money.

Trey’s father came up with the phrase, “I beat the goalie, God gets the glory!” Trey’s mother Denise also said, “ This project has helped Trey gain confidence in his speaking abilities and grow in his faith and trust in God”. This year Trey had 31 sponsors, scored ten goals, had seven assists, and with God’s help raised $1,510.39! He felt the Lord was telling him to put the money towards clean water wells and decided to partner with Life Outreach’s Water For Life outreach. Thanks to Trey and his willingness to allow God to use his God-given gifts to make a difference, was able to supply 114 people fresh water for life!

Walk a Mile in My Shoes

“Truly I tell you, whatever you did for the least of one of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.”    That was the lesson the children shared on that chilly Sunday morning in October on a walking trail in Halfway, MO. 

In The Beginning… is a small bible study group located in the heart of the Ozarks.   Each year the group chooses worthy causes to contribute to.   This year one of the causes their youth group chose was Life’s Christmas Shoe Project, sponsoring Christmas shoes for children that do not have shoes.   They set their goal at 100 pair of shoes.  The members of the youth group decided to raise the money by asking friends and family to sponsor them to walk one mile as a group.  They called it, “Walk a Mile in My Shoes” in honor of the children they would be sponsoring.  They chose a date for their walk and started fundraising.

A few weeks later, the group gathered together and after prayer and the reading of Matthew 25:31-40, they began their walk, excited that they had indeed, made their goal to sponsor 100 pair of shoes!  A few of the brave ones, including two preschoolers, decided that to truly “walk a mile in the shoes” of the children they were sponsoring, they actually needed to try to walk barefoot just like the kids they were sponsoring the shoes for, had to do every day.  To be honest, none of them made it the full mile barefoot.  They had to stop and put their shoes on to finish, but were quick to say they were glad they had shoes and was happy to know that 100 children would no longer have to go barefoot!

Heidi’s Way

Sue and Al Cullere would have never imagined that their daughters 37th birthday would be celebrated by raising money in her memory. However after losing Heidi the year prior, they could think of no better way to honor a woman that always dreamed of traveling and loved to help people.   If you ask Sue to tell you about Heidi she’ll share with you how much Heidi loved being a “girl’s girl” by wearing makeup and having her own sense of style, yet she also chose to work with heavy machinery as a profession.  Heidi loved people, loved to share Jesus with them, and always had a smile on her face and an encouraging word to offer.  Sue shared that Heidi loved Jesus even more at the end of her life than she did growing up in church and singing in the choir at school.


Sue and Al started “Heidi’s Way” on the 1 year anniversary of Heidi’s death, they have already raised enough money for their first well and are working on their second. This is their way to build a legacy for Heidi because she did not get to build her own.


If you would like to contribute to the “Heidi’s Way” campaign and help the Cullere family build a legacy for Heidi please click the button below to visit their site.


Counselor Heidi Durst raised funds for Water for LIFE in a unique way. She challenged the children at Hoff Elementary to make “Doodlebugs” during their lunch. Every two doodlebugs the children made raised enough funds for one person to have clean water.

About the Tools

To help with your fundraiser for LIFE, we have developed several great tools like videos, posters, wristbands, change cups, and more. These tools are offered free to our partners who have signed up to help raise funds and awareness for our outreaches. If you would like to request a large amount of any item, we may request a donation to cover the items costs for our ministry.

How to Receive Tools

As you look through the tools, many of them have a link in their description with a link to download it instantly. Other items will require you to submit a request. Our team works weekday, 8am-5pm and will do our best to reply to your request promptly. If you have any questions or need anything, please contact us!

Thank you for partnering with LIFE! 

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Who are we? We are people like you. People who see need in the world and want to get up and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. The question is… how are we influencing those around us to join our mission? We’re feeding the hungry. We’re bringing water to the thirsty. We’re bringing hope to the hopeless.

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