Many people say that bad water is a “silent killer”, but it’s only silent if you’re not one of the 700 million people that don’t have access to clean, safe water.  This so called “silent killer” claims the lives of roughly 7 million people each year.  That means that in the amount of time it has taken you to read this paragraph, someone, somewhere in the world has died as a result of dirty water.

Did you know that in areas without access to water, it is estimated that women and young girls walk up to 7 miles and spend an average of 6 hours per day collecting water for their families? It’s estimated that 200 million working hours are spent each day just to collect the water needed for survival. Unfortunately though the water they work so hard to collect, to keep their families alive is also the thing killing their children.  Waterborne diseases account for an estimated 60% of infant deaths worldwide.  Could you imagine being that mother walking 7 miles a day just to bring your baby muddy water that ultimately kills him?

These are the kind of statistics we work to change.  This year alone people like you will help us raise enough money to fund 500 fresh water wells in over 30 different countries.  Each well we drill has the potential to provide water for 1,000 people which means that with your help up to 500,000 people will gain access to clean, safe water this year.  We can’t save everyone, but with your help we will change thousands of lives this year.

The average cost for our team to drill a new, life saving well this year is just $4,800. This well can supply water for decades, which in many locations will mean they will truly have water for the rest of their life.

That means that it costs just $4.80 to help provide clean water for a child for the rest of their life.

Clean water changes everything, your choice to partner with us will not only quench thirst, but provide for healthy, productive lives, give young girls time to go back to school, and give people hope and a future.

Sign up today to eradicate thirst and waterborne disease around the world.